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Pepper ball guns are an innovative non-lethal self-defense weapon. Visit our site to learn more or purchase one today. Buy Umarex PEPPERBALL10 P2P Cal Pepper Ball - 10 Ct at PepperBall® Gun Packages · T4E Non Lethal Gun Kit - TR50 Revolver. · T4E Gun - HDB Shotgun. · T4E Gun - HDB Shotgun. · T4E Gun Kit Home Defense 3 w/. SABRE Pepper Spray Launchers are the home security and personal safety solution designed to help you protect yourself and your family at a safer distance. A pepper ball gun is a unique non-lethal weapon that combines pepper spray and an air gun into one. It is used primarily for self-defense and crowd control in.

PEPPERBALL GLASS BREAKER SOLID PROJECTILE ROUNDS (10 CT) · PEPPERBALL INERT /PACK POWDER PURPLE PROJECTILE · PEPPERBALL LIVE MAXX™ PAVA. Pepper Ball Launcher Compact Pistol Pepper Ball Guns gives you the ability to carry a multi-shot, non-lethal product on your belt. Less than lethal self defense items including paintball, pepperball, and rubber ball products. We have launchers, pistols, and rifles from Byrna, First Strike. The Peppershot PAVA Less Lethal Projectiles are hard plastic spheres built to burst on impact. They contain a very fine Capsaicin II (chili-pepper). BolaWrap, Pepperball, Sabre, Red, Inert, Foam, Crossfire, Stream, Defense Tech, Defense Technology, , MK-3, MK-4, O.C, OC, ASP Key Defender. Products tagged with 'pepper ball' · P2P HDP 50 COMPACT CAL-ORANGE/BLACK (RUBBER/PEPPER ROUND) · P2P HDP 50 Prepared 2 Protect® Pepper Round Self Defense. Bright flashlight with integrated PepperBall launcher. Holds 3 pepper balls at a time. Semi-automatic firing system. Dual LEDs emit lumen of light. C Welcome To Pepperball Hawaii - Non-Lethal Solutions. Welcome to Pepperball Hawaii. PepperBall is the industry leader in non-lethal solutions for self-defense. pepperball guns for less-lethal defense at a distance. Mission pepperball guns. The PepperBall Live SD Rounds offer a reliable personal and home defense solution, whether you require direct impact or area saturation. Each pack contains

Tactical Defense Kit with compact Pistol design. Up to 60 ft of distance using standard pepper balls or up to ft using long-range VXR™ projectiles. Part. ADJUSTABLE VELOCITY PEPPER BALL GUN: The PepperBall TCP fires projectiles at feet per second out of the box and is adjustable up to feet per second. The rubber ball is a non-lethal projectile that can be loaded into the Pepper Gun. It serves as a self-defense option, offering a way to deter threats without. The ten balls contain a highly effective synthetic pepper powder that spreads upon impact, incapacitating an attacker. This high-quality ammunition is available. Pepper Guns shoot pepper dust that effectively dissuades an assailant. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with no risk of lethality or injury. The Umarex P2P (Prepared 2 Protect) Pepper Ball Ammo are excellent for less-than-lethal scenarios that still require unique deployment options for scenarios. For those who prefer not to own firearms or cannot do so, pepperball pistols serve as excellent non-lethal defense weapons. Not only are they more affordable. Shop PepperBall ; Pepperball TAC-SA Black Semi Auto Launcher $1, Pepperball TAC-SA Black Semi Auto Launcher ; Pepperball TAC-SA PRO Semi-Automatic Launcher. Byrna Pepper Projectiles contain a blend of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) + PAVA making it one of the most powerful pepper projectiles on the market.

4 products · 68 CAL PEPPER BALLS LESS LETHAL PEPPER FILLED BALL contain 1% CS + 10% pava pepper · 68 CAL PEPPER BALLS LESS LETHAL PEPPER FILLED BALL contain 1%. A pepper-spray projectile, also called a pepper-spray ball, pepper-ball, pepper bomb, or pepper-spray pellet, is a frangible projectile containing a. It is legal to buy, carry, and use pepper spray in D.C.; however, an individual must register the spray at a local police station before legally possessing. 50 caliber P2P pepper pistols to provide highly effective deterrents. These pepper rounds have a tough outer shell that is designed to break with high-speed. Head to Head!! Byrna HD VS Salt Supply VS Pepperball TCP VS HDS Shotgun! Its about to get REAL! Alternate Arms Self Defense.

A small, yet mighty ball that bursts into a cloud of red hot pepper upon impact. The impact radius can expand up to a 6' cloud, causing the target to cough. Shop for Pepperball at Save money. Live better. Streetwise The Heat Pepper Launcher Cal 5% PAVA Pepper Ball 10 Rounds. $ Quick view · BYRNA PEPPER PROJECTILES. $ Quick view · FIRESTORM JPX 2. Discover Byrna® Guns. Non-lethal self-defense solutions. Disable a threat from up to 60 ft away with a powerful launcher that fires burning pepper powder or. PEPPER BALL PRODUCTS · First Strike Compact (FSC) Paintball Pistol · BYRNA ESSENTIAL PEPPER KIT ORANGE · BYRNA ESSENTIAL PEPPER KIT BLK.

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