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Suck definition: To draw (liquid) into the mouth by movements of the tongue Suck Definition. sŭk. sucked, sucking, sucks. Meanings · Synonyms · Sentences. The band sucks, and so does someone else. The second sucking will cure the first. Rock legends Alice Cooper, Moby, and Iggy Pop contribute to the fun, which. I've been using it to express disappointment, like: “It sucks to be sick on the weekend”. “I suck at playing guitar”. “Their latest album sucked. Suck: Directed by Rob Stefaniuk. With Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Paré, Paul Anthony, Mike Lobel. A comedy centered on a rock 'n' roll band that will do anything. Suck (film) Suck is a rock-and-roll vampire black comedy horror film starring, written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk. Stefaniuk stars alongside.

You Suck at Parking® is the only racing game where your goal is to stop and parking your ride is more important than your driving skills. You'll often hear the slang word "suck" in casual conversations, movies, and tv shows. There are some common English expressions using the. suck in, Slang. to deceive; cheat; defraud: The confidence man sucked us all in. suck up, Slang. to be obsequious; toady: The workers are all sucking up to him. sucked. Present participle sucking. (transitive) When you suck something, you use your mouth to take in a liquid. Babies usually suck their mother's breasts for. sucking at things. This book has many great things to say about living a life ripe with failure, suck and strife. Its the passion that fuels the failure. Sucks definition: an expression of disappointment. See examples of SUCKS used in a sentence. Other forms: sucked; sucking; sucks. To suck is to draw something by force. Vacuum cleaners suck dirt from the floor and milkshake drinkers suck this liquid. Articles Related to suck. image Better Ways to Say "This Sucks". We also need to know SUCK UK MENU SUCK UK · 0. Cart. SUCK UK MENU. All Products · Best · New · Gifts · Brands · Wholesale Log In.

Critic Reviews for Suck · [Not] to be confused with the current Twilight-glomming insta-spoof Vampires Suck -- but that doesn't mean it's an altogether sharper. suck verb (BE BAD) If someone or something sucks, that person or thing is bad or unpleasant: Man, this job sucks! While my brother was sick, I had to do all. suck meaning, definition, what is suck: to take air, liquid etc into your → something sucks5 → suck it and see → be sucked in → suck up→ See Verb. To draw in or imbibe by any process; inhale; absorb: usually with in, out, away, etc.: as, to suck in air; a sponge sucks in water. suck"), Welsh sugno ("suck. suck · These plants suck moisture from the soil. · The fan sucks smoke from the air. · a vacuum cleaner that sucks up water as well as dirt. That's where the term "Suck" as being something bad came from. He plays that horn so poorly that he must be sucking on it. He doesn't blow, he sucks. by. the act or an instance of sucking ; something that is sucked, esp milk from the mother's breast ; See give suck to ; an attracting or sucking force. suck · to suck the juice from an orange · She was noisily sucking up milk through a straw. · He sucked the blood from a cut on his finger. SUCKING meaning: 1. present participle of suck 2. to pull in liquid or air through your mouth without using your. Learn more.

/ˈsʌkɪŋ/. IPA guide. Other forms: suckings. Definitions of sucking. noun. the act of sucking. synonyms: suck, suction sucksuckedsuckingsuckssuckersuction. Verb edit. suck (third-person singular simple present sucks, present participle sucking, simple past and past participle sucked). To take advantage of; cheat; swindle: We really got sucked in by that offer. suck up Slang. To behave obsequiously; fawn: sucking up to their rich relations. suck · an act or instance of sucking. · a sucking force. · the sound produced by sucking. · that which is sucked; nourishment drawn from the breast. · a small drink;. suck · the act or an instance of sucking · something that is sucked, esp milk from the mother's breast · an attracting or sucking force · a sound caused by sucking.

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